To sew is to pray

“To sew is to pray. Men don’t understand this. They see the whole but they don’t see the stitches. They don’t see the speech of the creator in the work of the needle. We mend. We women turn things inside out and set things right. We salvage what we can of human garments and piece the rest into blankets. Sometimes our stitches stutter and slow. Only a woman’s eyes can tell. Other times, the tension in the stitches might be too tight because of tears, but only we know what emotion went into the making. Only women can hear the prayer.” ~ LOUISE ERDRICH, Four Souls

Art by Yulia Ustinova


Camp 4 for Lhotse is small and just above the Yellow Band on the Lhotse face. This is where the Lhotse route splits from the Everest South col route. It’s not too steep on the Lhotse face, so you can build up a platform of snow blocks to make room for a tent. Just make sure you anchor in for the night to an ice screw!

📷 @purnima_sth

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